Luxor Music was founded in December 2012.

The basic idea was already there for over a year, but with careful planning and the idea to set up a new Electronic Dance Music Related Record Label that would stand out in a lot of ways.

some time had passed before we where sure to be able to provide something different compared to all the other EDM labels around these days.

The main drive behind Luxor Music is that we will not release anything unless it’s perfect.

The reason for this is because these days there are thousands of indie labels releasing a lot of music that actually is not good enough (Perfect) and those label sign nearly anybody that send them a track.

This results in a market that is submerged with music that i not good and also stands in the way of good releases from certain music labels.

Our mission is to provide clean releases, from good artists that already have a track record when it comes to quality.

This way we put in our part for a music world that is clean and has quality.
As of 2015 we are the leading and largest Record Label in Ireland, and continue to grow every single day.
Our releases have been supported by the majority of the biggest EDM related artists.
When it comes to genres we are a very broad label that releases everything from Deep House to Electro House and Mainstream EDM.

Also we are always looking for new talents, but we really look for the gems in the mountain to be sure we can continue our prospect for Luxor Music.
So if you think you have this perfect track, that could be interesting for us, and you want to get your name signed to one of the fastest growing labels on the planet, then head over to our Drop You Demo Page.